Marconi OMS 1200

Marconi OMS 1200

The Marconi OMS 1200 (also known as the Ericsson OMS 1200), Optical MultiService Metro-Edge platform was designed to provide the flexibility to respond to changing customer demands.

Key Features

  • Smooth migration from TDM to a carrier grade data service network, efficiently transporting mixed Data and TDM traffic over a resilient SDH network
  • Service flexibility enabled by Multirate traffic cards supporting a configurable mix of interface types and high port density
  • Scalability through in-service addition of traffic interfaces, upgrade of aggregate rates, embedded WDM transport capability and Ethernet Port Extension for native Ethernet delivery to a remotely managed NTE

Technical Information

The MultiService capability of the Marconi OMS 1200 supports a range of services and interface types from a single platform, including Ethernet and TDM. The platform is optimized for Metro-Edge applications where traffic volatility makes scalability a key requirement.

The range of interface and sub-rack options makes the OMS 1200 a cost effective solution for customer delivery, backhaul or mobile radio network application.

Product PDF
Marconi OMS 1200 PDF
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