Marconi OMS 3200

Marconi OMS 3200

The Marconi OMS 3200 (also known as the Ericsson OMS 3200) Optical MultiService Core Switch enables operators to build a single, consolidated, highly resilient and intelligent low OPEX core transport network.

The Marconi OMS 3200 is highly capable of efficiently delivering Ethernet, OTN and traditional services. Designed around a high performance ASTN/ASON  control plane; the OMS 3200 series delivers, resilient network protection schemes.

Key Features

  • ASTN/ASON Control Plane; Reduces operational overheads and enhances network resilience
  • Dual Technology OTN/SDH Switch Fabric;
  • Enables new revenue opportunities and additional future proofing of the network investment
  • Embedded Layer 2 Ethernet and MPLS switching options
  • Embedded DWDM and OTN support for cost optimized, carrier grade transport
  • In-service scalability to meet current and future traffic demands
  • Full range of Ethernet, SDH, SAN and OTN Interfaces

Technical Information

The platform’s advanced control-plane and wide range of native traffic interfaces make it an ideal solution for building highly resilient optical networks to support SDH, OTN and IP traffic.

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