Marconi OMS 800

Marconi OMS 800

The Maroni OMS 800 (also known as the Ericsson OMS 800) is part of the Optical Multi-Service portfolio.

It is made up of ultra-compact optical transport solutions which allow operators to deploy Ethernet services alongside traditional TDM services.

Key Features

  • Low footprint form-factor ideal for a diverse range of space-restricted applications, and optimum cost level
  • Carrier-grade availability and reliability to support a wide range of SLAs, with innovative control mechanism
  • Specifically designed for high speed Ethernet delivery (10,100 and GigE tributaries), whilst retaining key TDM access (i.e. E1, E3, T3, STM-1).
  • Supports ELINE (point-point) or ELAN multipoint data applications with additional enhancement and more efficient implementation of Ethernet services in accordance with Provider Bridge functionalities
  • Aggregate speed of 155 Mbit/s to 2,5 Gbit/s in point-to-point or ring configurations.
  • SDH and Ethernet interfaces utilize SFPs for Capex efficiency
  • Common ServiceOn network management for Opex efficiency.

Technical Information

With its ‘future-proof’ dual-bus architecture, along with a high level of scalability, the Marconi OMS 800 allows for further evolution of the platform technology.

Marconi OMS devices combine the functionality of next-generation SDH (NG-SDH) multiplexers with the growing demand for a diverse range of data services.

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