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Manufacturer Model Product Number Description Request a quote
CISCOSMA-MSHNM-4A-S4-Port Async-Sync Serial Network Module (NM-Contact us about the NM-4A-S
CISCOSMA-MSHNM-4B-S-T4-Port ISDN-BRI Network Module (NM-4B-S-T)Contact us about the NM-4B-S-T
CISCOSMA-MSHNM-4B-U4-Port ISDN-BRI with NT-1 Network Module (NMContact us about the NM-4B-U
CISCOSMA-MSHNM-4E4-Port Ethernet Network Module (NM-4E)Contact us about the NM-4E
CISCOSMA-MSHNM-4E1-IMA4-port E1 ATM Network Module with IMA (NM-4EContact us about the NM-4E1-IMA
CISCOSMA-MSHNM-4T1-IMA4-port T1 ATM Network Module with IMA (NM-4TContact us about the NM-4T1-IMA
MARCONISMA-MSH130-2964-06MARCONI SMA 130-2964-06 CARD (130-2964-06)Contact us about the 130-2964-06
MARCONISMA-MSH130-3010-01MARCONI MSH 130-3010-01 DAUGHTER BOARD (130-3010-0Contact us about the 130-3010-01
MARCONISMA-MSH130-3118-01MARCONI MSH 130-3118-01 (130-3118-01)Contact us about the 130-3118-01
MARCONISMA-MSH130-3119-01MARCONI MSH 130-3119-01 (130-3119-01)Contact us about the 130-3119-01
MARCONISMA-MSH130-3132-01MARCONI MSH 130-3132-01 (130-3132-01)Contact us about the 130-3132-01
MARCONISMA-MSH130-3147-02MARCONI MSH 130-3147-02 (130-3147-02)Contact us about the 130-3147-02
MARCONISMA-MSH130317-005MARCONI MSH 130317-005 SERIAL ALARM (130317-005)Contact us about the 130317-005
MARCONISMA-MSH130-3178-02MARCONI MSH 130-3178-02 (130-3178-02)Contact us about the 130-3178-02
MARCONISMA-MSH130-3218-01MARCONI MSH 130-3218-01 DAUGHTER CARD (130-3218-01Contact us about the 130-3218-01
MARCONISMA-MSH130-3266-02MARCONI MSH 130-3266-02 DAUGHTER BOARD (130-3266-0Contact us about the 130-3266-02
MARCONISMA-MSH130-3453-02MARCONI MSH 130-3453-02 (130-3453-02)Contact us about the 130-3453-02
MARCONISMA-MSH130-3464-02MARCONI MSH 130-3464-02 (130-3464-02)Contact us about the 130-3464-02
MARCONISMA-MSH130-3480-02MARCONI MSH 130-3480-02 (130-3480-02)Contact us about the 130-3480-02
MARCONISMA-MSH130-3492-03MARCONI MSH 130-3492-03 MOST COMMON PARTS SUB-UNITContact us about the 130-3492-03
MARCONISMA-MSH130-3492-04MARCONI MSH 130-3492-04 COMMON PARTS UNIT (MUX-SWIContact us about the 130-3492-04
MARCONISMA-MSH130-3492-13MARCONI MSH 130-3492-13 MOST UNIT EQUIPED WITH 2 XContact us about the 130-3492-13
MARCONISMA-MSH130-3492-14MARCONI MSH 130-3492-14 COMMON PART UNIT T3 MOST CContact us about the 130-3492-14
MARCONISMA-MSH130-3494-02MARCONI MSH 130-3494-02 L-1.1 OPTICAL LINE MODULE Contact us about the 130-3494-02
MARCONISMA-MSH130-3496-05MARCONI MSH 130-3496-05 32 X 1.5-2 MBIT-S MOST TRIContact us about the 130-3496-05
MARCONISMA-MSH130-3496-06MARCONI MSH 130-3496-06 16 X 1.5-2 MBIT-S TRIB MODContact us about the 130-3496-06
MARCONISMA-MSH130-3505-02MARCONI MSH 130-3505-02 (130-3505-02)Contact us about the 130-3505-02
MARCONISMA-MSH130-3506-01 MARCONI MSH 130-3506-01 (130-3506-01 )Contact us about the 130-3506-01
MARCONISMA-MSH130-3506-03MARCONI MSH 130-3506-03 (130-3506-03)Contact us about the 130-3506-03
MARCONISMA-MSH130-3558-01MARCONI MSH 130-3558-01 STM-1 ELECTRICAL LINE MODUContact us about the 130-3558-01

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