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Nokia Dynanet Equipment

Nokia Dynanet Equipment

You are viewing the search results for all Nokia Dynanet Equipment. To refine your search, simply enter the part number you are looking for into the ‘search equipment’ field below. If you are unable to find the product you are looking for please contact us as we will most likely be able to acquire the product for you.

127 Results

Manufacturer Model Product Number Description Request a quote
NokiaDynanet21025.8Connector Patch-Panel 4xD25F/V.24/CU24020Contact us about the 21025.8
NokiaDynanet21026CablesContact us about the 21026
NokiaDynanet21027.2D15F/120 OHM G.703 INTERF. NOT FOR DL2 EContact us about the 21027.2
NokiaDynanet21028.1Connector Patch-Panel 2xV35+2xV.11/TU21124Contact us about the 21028.1
NokiaDynanet21100DM 2 (75/120 OHM EURO)Contact us about the 21100
NokiaDynanet21120Data Interface Unit 64k co/cont G.703 (10ch)Contact us about the 21120
NokiaDynanet21122.5NOK/X21/64K/C Data Interface Unit 48..64k V.11 10chContact us about the 21122.5
NokiaDynanet21124Data Interface Unit nx64k V.11/V.35/X.21 2chContact us about the 21124
NokiaDynanet21125Data Interface Unit 48..64k with sync, X.21 , 5chContact us about the 21125
NokiaDynanet21205.5Ch. Unit SUB/SUB, (L/E start)Contact us about the 21205.5
NokiaDynanet21206Ch. Unit SUB/SUB, (Replaces 21205)Contact us about the 21206
NokiaDynanet21215Channel Unit SUB/EXCHContact us about the 21215
NokiaDynanet21216Channel Unit SUB/EXCH, (Replaces 21215)Contact us about the 21216
NokiaDynanet21236NOK/EMC CU 8ch E,M/uP: 2x E,M/vf2Contact us about the 21236
NokiaDynanet21254NOK/MC 2(4)w LB/EM Adaptor Unit (8 ch.)Contact us about the 21254
NokiaDynanet21261NOK/DM2/RC01 Ring Generator 25Hz, 15 WContact us about the 21261
NokiaDynanet21279.6NOK/EMMC LB ADAPTER INTERCONNECT CABLEContact us about the 21279.6
NokiaDynanet21640.08CE POWER INTERFACE ADAPTATOR 20..-72 V, 6U, 10TContact us about the 21640.08
NokiaDynanet21743Branching unitContact us about the 21743
NokiaDynanet21745.1Branching unitContact us about the 21745.1
NokiaDynanet22701.4Cable MMHS 2X2X0.4Contact us about the 22701.4
NokiaDynanet24020NOK/V24/C Data Unit 0...64 k, async/sync, V.110, 4chContact us about the 24020
NokiaDynanet24020.1DIU19.2S/Extended InterfaceContact us about the 24020.1
NokiaDynanet2404024020 04AContact us about the 24040
NokiaDynanet21215SWCHANNEL UNIT SUB - EXCH 400 OHM 6CHContact us about the 21215SW
NokiaDynanet57269051000U2B1Q LT SUB CARDContact us about the 57269051000
NokiaDynanetC08709....B2APLUG IN UNIT ET2EContact us about the C08709....B2A
NokiaDynanetC08709.B2APlug-in unit ET2E (OLD Code / including SW)Contact us about the C08709.B2A
NokiaDynanetC2300.....C01ET 2 DV V 11 CARDContact us about the C2300.....C01
NokiaDynanetC23200....C01CARDContact us about the C23200....C01

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