Siemens SRT1C

Siemens SRT1C

Siemens High Capacity Digital Radio(HCDR) systems SRT1C has the main objective of the compatibility with Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH).

Reaching the goal of transmitting 1xSTM-1capacity per carrier with the possibility toprovide interchangeable interfaces:1xSTM-1 electrical or 1xSTM-1 optical.

Technical Information

The introduction of a modulation scheme based on the 4D multilevel 64/128 Trellis Coded Modulation (TCM), optimally decoded by a soft quantized Viterbiprocessor, reaches these goals, enabling the system to meet the required net spectrum efficiency and to achieve thebest results in terms of BER performances.

1xSTM-1 traffic per carrier is transmitted in the frequency bands with 28/30 MHz channel arrangement (4L/4/5/6LL/6L/7/8/8U/13 GHz) or with 40 MHz channel spacing(4/5/6U/11 GHz).

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