Siemens TransXpress SL16

Siemens TransXpress SL16

TransXpress SL16 Series 2 is a compact STM-16 multiplexer, available in a single or double-row sub-rack version.

It possesses an unrestricted, non-blocking switching matrix with up to 64 x STM-1 equivalents (VC4 granularity) along with 100% add/drop capacity up to 5 Gbit/s (32 x STM-1).

Technical Information

TransXpress SL16 can accommodate interfaces on tributary side up to 32 x 140 Mbit/s, 32 x STM-1, 8 x STM-4, 2 x STM-16, 8 x 100BaseT, 8 x GbE or a mix of interface types; wideband interfaces via TransXpress SMA as well as a variety of STM-16 line interfaces including coloured variants for transponder-free DWDM interconnections. It covers distances ranging from short-haul to long-haul.

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